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Karen is a dynamic and engaging speaker with experience in corporate, educational and faith contexts. She has spoken in auditoriums, halls, churches, hotels, huts and tents throughout Australia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

See below for some of her most requested topics.


Vital Connections

The most important thing in our lives is not the positions we hold or the things we own, it’s people. We were created for relationship. The effectiveness of our leadership is ultimately determined by the quality of our relationships.

Karen unpacks the three levels of relationship necessary for every leader to thrive: our relationship with those we lead; our relationship with our mentors; our relationship with those who refresh and energise us.

Trajectories of Hope

The stories that we tell create our culture. The question is, does the narrative your community is telling create safety and hope, or fear and exclusion? The story you tell, through the people you highlight on the platform, in socials and on boards can either nurture inclusion or enable erasure. Trajectories of hope is about the importance of the stories we tell, and how telling a better story - through a more honest and inclusive narrative - will enrich communities and save lives.

Forgotten Histories

It may not surprise you to learn that Australian religious histories have been dominated by the stories of white, male settler colonists. This has resulted in the erasure of people of colour, minority faiths and LBTQIA+ folx from the story of faith in Australia. For too many people, this means that when they look to religious communities, they don’t see themselves represented and they don't believe they can belong.

It's time to recover the stories of those who have been erased, for the sake of all those still waiting in the margins.


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